GMac Samples

GMac Samples

On this page you can:

  • Read about complete GMac code samples for diverse use scenarios.
  • Learn how to use GMacDSL to express your geometric models using Geometric Algebra.
  • See practical examples for using GMac Scripting to explore your GA models.
  • Study the details of GMacAPI code composition samples so you can use it to compose your own GA-based code.


Download and Installation

You can find all the GMac samples on GitHub at as a VisualStudio 2015 solution. To install the GMac Samples you need to:

  1. Make sure you have a working version of Wolfram Mathematica v7.0 or later on your system.
  2. Download the latest version of GMac from Make sure to put the GMac solution files inside a directory named GMac, for example, C:\Projects\GMac. Also, make sure you add proper references to Mathematica’s .NET/Link API’s file, called Wolfram.NETLink.dll as described in the GMac System Guide.
  3. Download the GMacSamples solution files from and extract the files into a folder named GMacSamples with the same parent as GMac; for example, C:\Projects\GMacSamples.
  4. The GMacSamples solution contains several projects that use GMac. You need to add references to.

GMac Samples Index

  • Read about the software structure and main classes GMac uses in its scripting engine.
  • Find detailed examples for scripting with GMac.
  • Understand how GMac scripting integrates C#, Mathematica, and GMacDSL into a powerful scripting framework for exploring GA-based models.
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